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Our products are always handmade, phthalate free, and never tested on animals.
( Unless our kids count! )

What customers are saying.......

I asked the soap rack for something different and boy did she show up! I used these for my son’s birthday and they fell out of a piñata. They looked great and now my son is having a blast as his bath bomb oozes out and turns the bath green! Thanks for making his bath bomb dreams come true!

Jenny Dulac Young

This is like my weekly guilty pleasure! I love the bath bombs and scrubs so much that I use one almost every day! Julia is always professional and available for questions and suggestions! ❤❤❤  

Melissa Winkleman

I just wanted to say my boyfriend bought me a bag of goodies from you for Christmas and I’m in love!!!! They smell amazing, the packaging is awesome and yea.... my skin feels great!!!!! I’ll be sure to share with all the ladies I know!!! Thanks so much!!!! ❤️❤️

Nichole Sheets

I ordered the eucalyptus shower steamers and I was amazed at how well it worked. I will always keep these on hand. Just the perfect thing during a cold.

Andria Larson


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